Find The Magic Of West Wales: Campervan Holiday Adventures

Find The Magic. If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure in the great outdoors, there’s nothing quite like a road trip in a classic Volkswagen Camper. And if you’re heading to West Wales, you’re in for a treat. With its stunning coastline, rolling hills, and charming villages, West Wales is the perfect place to explore in a Camper. 

First on your list should be Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which boasts over 180 miles of coastal trails with stunning views of the sea and countryside. Take your Camper to one of the many designated campsites in the area and park up for a few nights of camping and exploring. Don’t forget to pack your hiking boots and binoculars – there’s plenty of wildlife to see in the park, including dolphins, seals, and puffins.

Another must-see destination in West Wales is the charming town of St. Davids, the smallest city in the UK. Park up your Camper and explore the town’s stunning cathedral, shops, and galleries. For a more active day out, take your Camper to Whitesands Beach, one of the most popular surfing spots in Wales. If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a surfboard or take a lesson from one of the local surf schools.

For a taste of Welsh history, head to the town of Cardigan and explore the ruins of the 13th-century Cardigan Castle. There’s plenty of camping options nearby, including the peaceful Tanyfron Camping and Caravan Park, which offers spacious pitches and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

No Camper holiday in West Wales would be complete without a trip to the picturesque village of Aberaeron. Take a stroll along the colourful harbour, enjoy a meal at one of the many seafood restaurants, or simply relax on the beach. The nearby Henllan Caravan Park offers a perfect base for exploring the area, with its quiet location and stunning views of the sea and countryside.

In conclusion, a VW Camper holiday in West Wales is the perfect way to explore this stunning region of the UK. With its rugged coastline, charming towns, and picturesque countryside, there’s plenty to see and do in this part of the world. So why not pack up your Camper and hit the open road for an unforgettable adventure?

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